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Welcome to the redesigned Voice For Texas, where we work day and night — and even on some weekends — to give Texas property owners a voice the size of Texas. For those who are returning to see us, welcome back. We hope you like some of the changes and updates we’ve made to the site. For those who are brand new to us, welcome to the fight for freedom!


Er, well… thankfully, we’re not dressing up in warpaint anytime soon, because we’re fortunate to be living in the great state of Texas where the longstanding tradition of respect for private property rights remains strong. Home, Family, Community — these words mean something to us Texans, and based on those values, we have built the strongest economy in these United States. The Texas Model has worked and continues to work, producing jobs, economic growth, and wonderful communities here.

But as Thomas Jefferson said, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. So it is that while we are happy with progress that we have made as a state, and while we here at Voice For Texas and TREPAC are proud to have helped make progress on important issues, we don’t plan on relaxing anytime soon. Fact is, things can always be improved, and fact is, we still face some major challenges as our state and our cities grow at an exponential rate. And sometimes, our elected officials might make a mistake or two that may be well-intentioned, but end up hurting our growing communities and vibrant economy, or end up intruding on private property rights.

We know we can overcome challenges together. We know we can balance needs of our communities with the rights of homeowners and property owners. Hey, we figure that if we can deal with our summers, we can deal with just about anything.

But to solve problems, to overcome challenges, and to keep Texas the best state in the nation, there are some things we all need to do.

One, we need to get informed. Some of the issues are complex. Sound bites can not do justice to the depth and breadth of all of the different issues involved in something like securing availability of water for our growing communities and for our businesses. And that’s assuming that those stories even get covered in the press.

One of our missions is to inform you of these issues that often get overlooked. Whether it’s through this blog, or via TwitterĀ (Follow Us!) and Facebook (LIKE our page!), or any of the many channels we have, we’ll do our best to keep you on top of the issues.

Two, we need open and frank discussion and exchange of ideas. These issues are complicated; reasonable people might have different ideas on how we tackle them. We hope to make Voice For Texas a place where all Texans concerned about property rights, about economic issues, about strategic decisions for all our communities might share ideas, discuss plans, maybe even argue with each other once in a while. (In a friendly, open, big-hearted Texan kind of way, of course.)

This blog is where we’ll start the conversation, and we’ll constantly look to improve those opportunities for discussion. We also hold events from time to time, and we will let you know about those as they come up.

Three, when necessary, we need action. TREPAC spends hours upon hours speaking with decision makers, policy people, community leaders, and government officials about property rights, the economy, and other important issues. Sometimes, we need to be heard in the halls of power. When those times arise, we hope to live up to our billing as providing a voice the size of Texas to property owners. We all will speak, together with one voice, and they will hear us.

Voice For Texas aims to help when action is necessary. Informed action, decided on after discussion, but action nonetheless. Because when things need doing, count on Texans to get them done.

It’s a long journey ahead. This isn’t a campaign to elect one guy or another. This isn’t a single issue deal. This is about those important decisions we all must make as neighborhoods, towns, cities, counties, and as a state not just now, this year, next year… but for decades into the future.

But we’re excited to take this small first step with you all, and we hope you’ll join us for the many roads ahead.


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