We must be doing something right….

“In America, small business is a big deal.”   – Bob Beauprez*

And we must be doing something right, because small business owners love Texas according to a recent post by the American Enterprise Institute.  According to the article  “Here are the States that Small Business Owners Love and Hate,” Texas ranks 3rd for being friendly to small business behind Idaho and Nevada.   Over 12,000 small business owners were surveyed to compile the results based upon ease of hiring, ease of starting a business, regulations, licensing, tax code, and zoning.

Below is an infographic comparing the rankings of each state for 2014.

Small Biz Love Hate States



Texas is also one of only 3 states to have appeared in the Top 5 of the survey for the last 3 years it has been conducted.  The small business owners surveyed gave California, Rhode Island and Illinois an “F” rating,  while Connecticut and New Jersey both earned a “D” grade.

We still have room to improve, but we must be doing something right….  And here at Voice For Texas, we vow to keep on making sure that the progress continues, as we know that small businesses bring jobs, and jobs bring people who need homes.



* Bob Beauprez is a candidate for Governor of Colorado




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