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My Texas Home

The contest is officially closed for submissions, but WOW…  y’all outdid yourselves!  We are so impressed with all the great videos that were entered.  Now we have another favor to ask of you.    We’d love it if you share this LINK:  My Texas Home Videos with all of your friends.   It’s so awesome that you obviously love your Texas Home, and now we want to shout it from the Red River Valley to the Texas Hill Country and beyond!

You can vote for your favorites and share on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. to have your friends vote too.   You can also share the YouTube/Vimeo Links for your individual favorites.   We think everyone should know how great it is to live in Texas!

We’ll let you know soon who our panel of judges pick as the winners.   But we are sure that you will agree, that the Voice for Texas thinks every single one is a winner for sharing their love of Texas.  Enjoy the show!


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