TREPAC noted in the news once again

TREPAC_editedTREPAC was featured yesterday in a news article in Virtual Strategy Magazine.

The article notes TREPAC as being a powerhouse amongst PAC’s in Texas, as well as the Texas Association of REALTORS serving as a model for the National Association of REALTORS.

“TREPAC continues to fight and defeat the attempts at passing the real estate transfer tax. Just to be clear, TREPAC is no small force. They also make up nearly half of the national Realtors® Political Action Committee with 3.6 million out of 8 million members.

Overall, Texas is a standard that the NAR uses as a guide for how real estate associations perform.”


They also highlighted TREPAC’s effort to defeat Transfer Taxes withing Texas:

“One of the big issues that TREPAC stands strong on are transfer taxes, a tax that Texas currently does not have. These taxes are added to a home sale on both the buyer and the seller side of the transaction. This tax would force higher costs for all property owners, thus reducing the home they can afford or losing the advantage of home ownership all together. TREPAC continues to fight and defeat the attempts at passing the real estate transfer tax.”

Virtual Strategy also noted TREPAC’s commitment to consumer advocacy and protecting private property rights.

“They are committed to staying up-to-date when it comes to real estate and will take a stand for Texas residents when it comes to protecting private property rights.”
And we are PROUD to do that for our great state of Texas and it’s citizens.  That is what it is really all about, the homeowners.
Click the link below for the entire article.

Texas Markets Continue to See a Rise in Real Estate | Virtual-Strategy Magazine.

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