The Top Brand of Texas is?


The map above is from last year, showing the most well-known brands founded in that state. As you can see, the artist thinks that Dr. Pepper, based out of Dallas, is the most famous brand for Texas.

We can see where he’s coming from, but we beg to differ.

The most famous brand from Texas is… Texas.

The Chevrolet Silverado Texas Edition is just one of many trucks made by major manufacturers that bathe themselves in the reflected glory of the Lone Star State: The Nissan Titan Texas Edition, the Toyota Tundra Texas Edition, the Ford F-150 Texas Edition and the King Ranch editions, the GMC Sierra Texas SLE, the Ram 1500 Lone Star Edition… and who knows if we won’t see yet another carmaker come out tomorrow with another Texas Edition something or another.

Then you’ve got restaurants and bars all across the world wanting to evoke Texas. For example, Texas Roadhouse has over 400 locations in 46 states, and locations internationally, including Dubai. We consider it the sincerest form of flattery, since Texas Roadhouse was founded in Clarksville, IN and headquartered in Louisville, KY. The founder, Kent Taylor, obviously knew what branding and what imagery would get customers flocking to his restaurants.

Everywhere you look these days, one marketer or another is borrowing the Texas brand to promote their products to consumers across the world. Anytime you wants to evoke toughness and strength, throwing “Texas” on to the name is more than likely to establish that image. Anytime you want people to think of your business as a laid back, relaxed place where people are open, friendly, honest and not too inclined to be stuck up about unimportant things, it’s a good bet that “Texas” would fit well. If you want customers to imagine wide open spaces, freedom to be yourself, and limitless opportunity… Texas, Texas, Texas.

Of the fifty states, Texas is unique in just how strong the Texas brand is. You don’t have to be a Texan to recognize this shape:



And just like that image shows, the Lone Star flag is one of the most recognizable in the world. Don’t believe us? Try this next time you’re with a friend. Quick, describe the New York state flag! Alabama state flag, anybody? Chances are, they can’t.

We think that others who aren’t Texan are justly proud of their states. (Well, at least those who haven’t gotten here just yet and have no plans to… since an awful lot of them do plan to become Texans….) But of course we think we’re special in one other critically important way.

We back up our claim to greatness with actions and results.

The economy of Texas is the envy of the nation. Texas companies create more jobs, and better jobs, than anybody else. Our business friendly environment, our culture of strong families and strong communities, our freedoms that we all take for granted… these all blend together to make Texas the best of the best, the Lone Star, if you will. If others think us arrogant, well, we’ll beg pardon, but we do think we sort of deserve it.

Of course, being the best and staying the best are not the same thing. We know we can always improve, always make things better, and always have to take care that we don’t fix what ain’t broken for the sake of trying out new things.

And that’s what we’re about here at Voice For Texas. There are things we need to do, like ensuring our water supply, and improving transportation — remember all those new Texans and Texans-who-haven’t-gotten-here-yet? — but we’ll always be pushing for improvements while remembering that the fundamentals of what makes us great haven’t changed. Family, home, community, hard work, toughness, rights and freedoms…

In other words, all those ideas and emotions contained in the most famous brand from Texas: TEXAS.


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