Stop. Collaborate. And Listen.

Collaborate & Listen by Rick from flickr used w/CC License

Image by Rick from Flickr – CC License

While we pride ourselves in being the VOICE for Texas, we realize progress can’t be made without listening. We would love to hear from you about issues affecting home ownership, private property rights, and property values. Some good examples are tax appraisal issues, transportation topics, imminent domain issues, small business development, zoning concerns, and water rights. Texas is a big state, and the more “ears on the ground” we have partnering with us, the better we can address these issues.

Feel free to either comment below or send us a private e-mail thru our Action Center  on our Home Page. Together, we can make Our Texas Home an even greater place to live than it is already.

We know we need to Stop. Collaborate. And Listen.

And on that note….  (We know you were already hearing it in your head.)



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