Proposition 1 Overwhelmingly Approved !

Texas-ShapeTexans overwhelmingly approved Proposition 1 at the polls yesterday, with a resounding 80%+ approval margin.   Proposition 1 is a constitutional amendment that will help pay for infrastructure improvements to the tune $1.4 billion. No additional tax will be imposed, but the money is redirected from the rainy day fund, which is collected from the state tax on oil and gas production.  The amendment will go into effect January 1st.

State Rep. Joe Pickett, D- El Paso, in the El Paso Times, said, “This gives us some momentum moving forward and we can say the people in Texas, both Democrat and Republican, big time supported transportation as an issue.”

Voice for Texas wholeheartedly agrees and endorsed Proposition 1 for the future of Texas.   We appreciate Texans recognizing this not as a partisan issue, but  as a vote for progress.  Thank you for sharing your voice at the polls!

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