Not the time to get complacent…

Texas mapOk.  So yeah.  Texas has a few good things going for it.   We all benefit from the economic policies that our leaders past and present have put in place,  but now is not the time to get complacent.  Newsflash:  We have other states gunning for us, notably California and New York.   And  the Voice for Texas isn’t alone in those thoughts.

In an article Sunday, in the Tyler Morning Telegraph, it is noted that “Texas must work to keep it’s lead.”  Other states are copying our model, and now is not the time to let off the throttle.  The Tyler Morning Telegraph notes that California’s governor, Jerry Brown, recently “approved a package of 18 business-friendly bills, including legislation heavily lobbied by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and aimed at boosting sales of high-tech goods and services.”  The article also notes California’s great displeasure in losing Toyota recently to Texas, and that the state plans to do something to not only prevent that in the future, but lure more business back.

Also documented is New York state’s new found effort thru their “Startup NY” campaign, whereby new businesses “can operate 100 percent tax-free for 10 years. No income tax, business, corporate, state or local taxes, sales and property taxes, or franchise fees.”   I’d say that’s pretty enticing, wouldn’t you?

Complacency Kills

“The challenge for Texas won’t just be competition from those states. It will also be complacency at home.”

While we’ve done a pretty good job in the past, now is NOT the time to rest on our laurels.  The little dogs are barking at our heals.  With the right strategic bite, they can hurt us.  More needs to be done in the way of tax reform and addressing water and appraisal issues, while also continuing to  preserve property rights and values to stay ahead of the game. Making our state business friendly should be an ongoing prerogative.

The Voice for Texas stands ready to continue this battle on behalf of all Texans.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and have you join us, in continuing to make Your Texas Home, the best in the land.

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