How the word “navigable” could change ALL of our lives….

Texas is part of the breadbasket of the United States, if not the world.   It’s a part of our real estate industry history to care how rules and regulations affect our hard working farmers, and this one has us deeply concerned.   Check out this video on potential new rules regarding removing the term “navigable” from EPA legislation, from the Texas Farm Bureau .

As you can see, these new waterway regulations would drastically impede farmers’ from doing their job to feed us all.  Not just Texas farmers, but every farmer across the United States, affecting over 100 million acres!   We stand by the Voice of Texas Agriculture in fighting this change, that would certainly impose over-regulation on property owners and raise already increasing food prices, thru the roof.

Here is another informative link from the Iowa Farmer Today.

How do you feel about this?   We want to hear your Voice for Texas!


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