City of Sherman considers raising property taxes. But Voice for Texas has a question….

Sherman Property Tax by KTEN NBC New AffiliateThe Voice for Texas keeps an eye and ear out for your property taxes.  So naturally we took note when we saw this story from NBC News affiliate KTEN regarding the city of Sherman raising property tax rates.

So while we praise Sherman for still being competitive with other municipalities for their property tax rate, the Voice for Texas is curious about this quote from the article:

“He (Scott Connell, President of the Sherman Economic Development Corporation) says historically Sherman residents have elected to have a sales tax in order to lower the property tax. And for years the city hasn’t been in a position to bring those taxes back up.”

Ok…So WHY raise property taxes now, instead of the sales tax which voters seem to support?    We’d love to hear the answer to that.  Let us hear you people of Sherman!

By the way, this was an introduction to this proposal.  City members will hold a public hearing August 18th for residents to speak before they vote on the increase September 15.   Now’s the time to share your VOICE!


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