Changes pending for appraisal and taxation reporting process

During the 83rd Session, the Texas Legislature drafted and passed multiple pieces of legislation in an effort to reform property tax and appraisals.

Among these revisions include House Bill 585, which reforms the property appraisal process, and Senate Bill 1510, which works to simplify the public tax notice jurisdictions must provide.

In the wake of the recent West, Texas tragedy, which caused upwards of $100 million in property damages, lawmakers have made an effort to reform House Bill 585 to ensure it not only considers natural disasters, but also manmade disasters. Under the revised legislation, taxing entities would be permitted to reappraise property damage at the start of the year and after a declared disaster.

Similarly, revisions to Senate Bill 1510 would require a city or county to publish, or mail out, a brief public notice stating its proposed and effective tax rate and any public hearings. The notice would no longer require detailed financial information, but governing bodies must be able to provide it upon request.

Both reforms have been sent to Gov. Rick Perry for approval.

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