All Hail the Victors!

Yesterday was the primary election day, as y’all know by now. And while the TV and newspapers are going to be talking about some races, and about the Democrats and the Republicans and party-this and party-that, here at Voice For Texas, we’re focused like a laser on property rights. I suppose that’s a luxury we have as a “single issue” organization, although we would argue that our single issue — protection of our homes, our farms, our businesses, and our communities through protecting private property rights — is about as broad a single issue as it gets.

After all, Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness is hardly possible without property rights.

So it is that we are thrilled to report that these champions of property rights have won their primary races, and move on to the next stage. We chose to support all of these candidates without worrying about what party they belonged to, because of their strong stance on protecting our homes, our communities, and our private property rights.


Greg Abbott

U.S. Senate:

John Cornyn

Land Commissioner:

George P. Bush

Supreme Court of Texas:

Nathan Hecht

Jeff Brown

Phil Johnson


Texas Senate

District 7 – Paul Bettencourt
District 15 – John Whitmire
District 17 – Joan Huffman
District 25 – Donna Campbell
District 31 – Kel Seliger

Texas House of Representatives

District 8 – Byron Cook
District 11 – Travis Clardy
District 12 – Kyle Kacal
District 18 – John Otto
District 21 – Dade Phelan
District 22 – Joe Deshotel (uncontested)
District 36 – Sergio Muñoz, Jr.
District 59 – J.D. Sheffield
District 60 – Jim Keffer
District 64 – Myra Crownover
District 71 – Susan King
District 72 – Drew Darby
District 75 – Mary Gonzalez
District 77 – Marisa Márquez
District 79 – Joe Pickett
District 83 – Charles Perry
District 112 -Angie Chen Button
District 121 – Joe Straus
District 134 – Sarah Davis
District 150 – Debbie Riddle

Once again, congratulations to the winners!


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